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The masks for Almo Nature

The masks for Almo Nature

The pet food company Almo Nature asked Oliviero Toscani to create its advertising campaign. The message conveyed, and expressed by the pay off, is «from their point of view»

Thinking about the animals

gatto almanature|kartarugaWhen he presented the project, Oliviero Toscani declared, “Animals are much more patient with us than we are with them. If we saw the world with their eyes, perhaps we would see a better world. When I created the image for this project I tried to think about the animals and Almo Nature’s philosophy, which tries to be close to the cats and dogs it feeds.”

Kartaruga took part in the advertising campaign providing the papier-mâché masks.

The masks for Almo Nature

Oliviero Toscani

Almo Nature

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