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Bill: Tom Cruise’s mask in Eyes Wide Shut

The masks: the faces of the actors

According to Jacques Lecoq (considered one of the most important thinkers of contemporary theater) the mask is what makes the actor capable of being anyone and having any emotion. And what mask, if not that one of the Face, can best represent this neutrality?

The face of Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise, the protagonist of the Eyes Wide Shut film, wears a face mask for just 20 minutes. Tailored by Kartaruga it is a very special handmade piece that uses different elements like gold leaf and macramè and craquelé decoration to embellish the mask and to add a touch of mystery and elegance, in perfectly style of Eyes Wide Shut.

We call it Tom but it is most know as Bill’s Face (the name of the protagonist).

The collection of the Kartaruga masks dedicated to the Face is born before the film, however, thanks to it, Bill’s face has become so famous and required, to be one of the masks most sought, sold and popularly loved by the people.

5 Reasons to Have Your Face Mask

  1. It’s a symbol of the Eyes Wide Shut movie.
  2. It is enriched with very special decorations.
  3. It is the main film mask.
  4. It’s nice to wear and to see.
  5. It can enrich your personal collection of masks.

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