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The meaning of our name, Kartaruga, is to be found in the wrinkles of the papier-mâché which our venetian masks are made of and, going back in time, in the symbolic representation of the place their are created. Kartaruga, in fact, is the fusion between the words cartapesta (papier-mâché) and tartaruga (turtle), the animal that is represented on the patera, the marble emblem which stands on the façade of our first workshop in Venice.

Today this name normally echoes in the Venetian lagoon during Carnival and the rest of year, not only as a synonim of our art, made of papier-mâché, but also as the definition of the quality of our products. Our starting point has been the technique, to which we have been adding a constant research with a focus on the recovery and preservation of tradition.

This way we have been able to create and treat the raw materials according to the skills of the mask artisans of the Serenissima, granting the highest quality and innovating the shapes, colours, matches and always achieving something new.

From 1985 we produce our masks in Venice and we have now become a point of reference as suppliers of many shops but, above all, as experts in the field of theatre and cinema productions.

The world of masks is much greater than just the Carnival, and we love all its faces.

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