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“Steampunk” indicates a retro futuristic current of nineteenth-century science fiction, rather old for those living in the third millennium, but ultra-modern for those who lived in the nineteenth-century.

Brief history of Steampunk

Born in the eighties, Steampunk is the consequence of the reaction against new technology with its aseptic forms and essential design almost without weight and consistency. Steampunk, in fact, is a word that recalls the power of the engine, the grease of the pistons, the mechanics of the gears that are easy to identify and repair. The nineteenth century exalted the beauty of mechanics, the dance of pistons, as Herbert Sussman recalls in the book Victorian Technology. That technology was robust, functional and reassuring, so Steampunk has fascinated not only the cinema but also fashion, aesthetics and Kartaruga!

How a Steampunk mask is made

Creating Steampunk masks requires a long and precise process divided into several steps that must be performed with precision. As a basis, obviously, we use a neutral-colored paper-mache mask, thanks to which it will be easier to obtain the metallic effect typical of this mask.

  • Step 1: drawing
    The first thing to do is sketch the Steampunk mask you want to create, with its gears, and science fiction elements that we want the mask to have.
  • Step 2: adding depth
    To give depth to the mask, use craft foam to apply to the mask in the areas of light and shadow shown in the drawing. The necessary pieces are cut and then glued with hot glue.
  • Step 3: screws, bolts, gears
    With hot glue you can put in the mask gears, screws, bolts, wires and all the typical elements of the Steampunk style.
  • Step 4: brown at the basis
    Once the mask is finished, it is painted entirely in brown and left to dry. On this basis, it will be easier to obtain the metallic / rusty effect of the Steampunk masks.
  • Step 5: decorate
    It is the most complicated but also funniest phase: decorate the mask with metallic paints. It is not a simple operation but if done well, the result will be exceptional.
    Like exceptional are our mask, unique pieces, precious, and typically Steampunk style!

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