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From 1985 we produce our masks in Venice and we have now become a point of reference as suppliers of many shops but, above all, as experts in the field of theatre and cinema productions.


The workshop

In the heart of Venice there is the Botega, the forge where artisans and artists create and decorate the masks. The magical and surreal atmosphere of the lagoon city permeates this workshop.

Seguiteci in questo viaggio

indietro nel tempo, e scoprirete i segreti celati da Venezia dietro le sue maschere, ma anche l’origine e il significato delle maschere della Commedia dell’Arte e di tutte le altre maschere che Kartaruga crea.

Funerary masks in ancient times

When we think about the word “mask”, we imagine carnival or the plays of the Commedia dell’Arte. However, since ancient times, a lot of different cultures have used masks in funerary rituals too. The use of masks as a cover of the deads’ faces is a very ancient habit...

Cartonnage: the papier mache ancestor

Cartonnage, the papier mache ancestor, was used 5000 years ago, and comes from Ancient Egypt.What does cartonnage stand for? How was it used?

Costume designer Jenny Beavan wins again

The Academy awards, which took place at the Dolby Theatre in LA, filled us with great joy. For the Kartaruga staff the most important award was the Oscar for the best costumes, that has been given to Jenny Beavan for the costumes of the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”,...

The Beheading of the Bull: the mask parade on Fat Thursday 2016

With the Compagnia l’Arte dei Mascareri we’ve organised a parade of handmade masks in Venice on Fat Thursday, to relive traditional Carnival

3 curious facts about the history of Venetian masks

Venice isn’t the city of masks just because of Carnival: the origins of masquerades are very old. Here’s 3 curious facts about the city’s traditional masks

Unique masks for unique events

Kartaruga produces masks for themed parties, too: here’s one of the last events to which our workshop has supplied its handmade products

Tell me your mask and I’ll tell you who you are

We introduce you to the personality and features of the most important masks of the Commedia dell’Arte, to help you choose the right one for you

Venice Carnival according to foreigners

An article appeared on Craftsmanship deals with Venice Carnival, with the opinions of foreigners on it and with mask makers such as Kartaruga

Beyond Carnival: The Festa delle Marie in Venice

Where it comes from and when is the Festa delle Marie in 2016, a traditional event of the Venice Carnival, a part of the city’s history

A touch of elegance: the macrame technique

One of the techniques we use to decorate our handcrafted Venetian masks is the macrame technique, coming from an Arab lace and creating elegant masks

The masks

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